Sabine has a lovely, approachable manner and we have found her to be highly knowledgeable about pre-school teaching. She has provided us with invaluable advice and tools to help get our child ready for school since her current nursery is great with pastoral care but not very academic. Our child has progressed very rapidly with her phonics and numeracy skills by just implementing a few of the play-based suggestions Sabine made.

~Mr & Mrs L, South-East London.

Thank you Sabine! Your feedback on our son’s 4+ assessment has been so valuable. We are implementing your activities and are already seeing an improvement in his counting and number recognition. Speaking to you has made us feel much more confident about the forthcoming assessments and how best to handle them.

~Mrs Husain NW3

We were so lucky to meet Sabine after having a horrible experience with a nursery in 2014. My son was just turning 2 at the time and we were really panicking about not choosing the right nursery for him. We understood that nursery is so important as the first step of education and will result in a happier and more successful child. Sabine met with our son and understood immediately what we were looking for and after a while my little son was in an amazing nursery which he was happy and confident in. Now we live in Dubai and returning to London soon. Sabine again helped us to find a primary school and a nursery for our second child. We fully trust her and we now have places for both my kids in amazing schools. We can not recommend her enough and are so grateful for all her help and continuous support.

~Ozge and Cem Orekli W12

"We got in touch with Sabine when we started looking for schools for our daughter, who was at the time just over one year old. We were almost panicking as friends were telling us we were so behind in choosing a school for her. Sabine was what we needed to stop worrying and start finding our feet in the complicate (at least for us!) British school system. She was highly professional and knowledgeable, she gave very valuable input but without influencing decisions that must be taken only by parents. I would definitely recommend her and not hesitate to resort to her for any further advice."

~Mrs Elisei SW6

"For a foreigner or someone who is not familiar with the complexities of the English educational system, Sabine provides a much needed clarity and has been ever so helpful in guiding us through the different options helping us to find what is right for us and our child.
We are most grateful!"

~Carolina Wishard SW1V

"I contacted Sabine as I needed early years advice regarding my 2½ year old son.
Sabine was helpful, informative and I highly recommend her for the excellent pre-school advice that she gave me. This has noticeably had effective results and he is a very confident young boy."

~Deborah Butler W14

"As expats, the London school system and application process seemed daunting. Sabine has had a huge impact, helping us understand the system and select great schools that would be a good fit for our family. She made sure we were in the best possible position in the process, with continued, detailed support throughout the initial application phase and beyond. Sabine is a pleasure to work with - very experienced, rational and warm! We would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to navigate the London school system for their family."

~Mrs Shike W9

"We cannot thank Sabine enough for the solid, sage advice and counseling she has provided us. She was referred to us by a friend when I was 6 months pregnant with our first child in 2014. As expats, we were completely unsure of how to decipher and navigate the English school system, and having heard horror stories from friends in other "competitive" cities like LA and New York, we were very concerned about making any missteps or missing any deadlines. Sabine patiently walked us through the different types of English schools, all the way up to university, so that we understood what we were working with, and explained what required nearer-term application and what would wait. She then carefully listened to our preferences, and compiled a workable list from us to choose schools for nursery and Reception applications.

But most of all, Sabine put our minds at ease, and held my heavily-pregnant hand to whittle down my options, fill out applications, and get everything ready to go before birth. She was even able to squeeze in a nursery visit 6 weeks before I delivered! She also handled compiling and mailing all the applications for us so that we could concentrate on being brand new parents.

Sabine later served as an amazing sounding board, happily answering questions about the various school options, and guiding me as to when and how to approach the nurseries regarding tours and waiting lists. The nursery where I had my pre-birth visit was by far our top choice, and when we had to make our final decision and put down a deposit, Sabine helped me confirm my instinct that this school was indeed the one for us. Most importantly, since starting in April, our son has absolutely adored this nursery, and we have been thrilled with the caring and ever-cheerful staff, excellent curriculum, and lovely parents' community. Our younger child will be attending the school as well next year. We could not be happier there, and we owe it all to Sabine!

I know that I can trust Sabine's judgment and advise 110%, and when the time comes for Reception, I am sure she will once again have incredible insight and guidance as to our options. We are so, so grateful to Sabine, and words cannot adequately express how much we recommend her!!!!"

~Mrs S Rifaat SW7

"Sabine was most helpful in spending time with our daughter and reviewing her strengths and weaknesses so that we could work on both parts to improve her learning ability and confidence"

~Mrs Sandford SW6

"Sabine has been a big support in finding us places in the best schools and nurseries but also advising on what the best fit would be for our family. Coming from Russia, we were keen to have the best quality advice and help in managing the London school system and Sabine provided this. She also worked hard to secure us a fantastic nanny for our son. We are delighted with her service and would thoroughly recommend her."

~ E Sinayuk, NW1

"Sabine’s incredible knowledge and passion for children’s education is very impressive. She guided our family throughout the entire nursery school and pre-prep application process and continues to be a sounding board for us! We are so grateful for all of her help and support."

~ Mrs Triebel, W8